Monday, 23 January 2017

Lack of Grey Cardigan - the Alternative

If you can't use your faithful companion number one  (because it's still on its away day week at Mutton Spa, now being dewrinkled having emerged from the tub ) you fall back on another very good friend.  Faux fur scarf in my case, in grey. What a surprise!

Friday saw me dig out my burgundy jeans,  a black long sleeved T, black cardigan and faux fur scarf.  I popped a necklace under so as my neckline  wasn't bare if the office became too 'hot for the fox'.

I also wore my cream jumper again (oh, so many repeats you must be bored) .

I'm going to slip these pics into the original posts as well so as they are a more complete record for refering to for I (and you if you find it useful.)

Have you been revisiting your fur scarf since I launched the challenge here

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Clashy-clashy the Challenge, Not

Do you remember matchey-matchey? Well this is clashy-clashy, and don't worry it's not your  challenge.

The day started well ok it was a struggle.  I couldn't find a cardigan or wrap to wear as my trusty grey is still at the spa (lazy whatsit). I eventually chose a black cardigan. That was the worst it got.....until. 

I was running late.  It was minus 6 outside. I'd been wearing my down  puffa coat all week.  I grabbed it. I put it on.  I ran out of the door.  I walked briskly to the station.  I looked down. 

My challenge, and yours, is to plan your outfit right down to the darn coat in future!   I can't even blame this on lack of grey cardigan!

Friday, 20 January 2017

Catch Up on the Food Front

Dear reader,  Mr Him is complaining that last shop I 'didn't buy food.'  Well, as I'm working on finding bits in the cupboards and freezer to eat that is rather the point. 

On my braces diet, however, I lost 1 lb last week.

Mashed potato and scrambled egg both featured a fair bit and on repeat again this week.  I had a bit of a brain wave in the autumn and froze some precursor to a carbonara.  You know,  the bacon onion garlic bit.  I made more than I needed for one meal and froze two little pots.  Last weekend I used one pot and added pasta and egg. No cream. Diet!   Easy peasy. 

One day this week  I had a can of Army's Kitchen lentil soup for lunch that's been in the cupboard for a while.  We've used a few cans of tuna from the cupboard for some meals mixed with pasta. On many fronts I soooo want to bite into a pizza (diet, braces, pantry clean out).  I'd even eat the crusty bit.  Still, I'm enjoying my Mullerlight which hits the diet and the braces spot.  The pic is of some that I found in Waitrose in the summer but currently I'm slurping, through braces, some in coffee flavour. 

Are you doing a 'pantry clean out' in January?  We haven't hit 25 items yet and we seem to be eating things we'll end up replacing which won't end up an economy.  Still it's reducing our January spend.  

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Cream Jumper and the Hash

Dear reader,  my blogger friend Mary is my older twin.  We have discovered not only do we have the same love for Clarks ankle boots but we both have  this cream jumper from M&S about 4 years old.   Mine was spotted by the astute Mary in an earlier post. Here are ways I have worn this during this winter.

 Mary also had worn hers in a post in May here.  She has snuggled up in a scarf for the beach and paired it with grey jeans.  (Mmmm Grey,  there's an idea!)  

Similarly and unusually it appears that we both use mashed potato for a Corned beef hash. Here is her recipe which she kindly posted for me as  soft braces food.  I made  her version on Saturday and served it method one, spooned on my potato. 

It was easy to eat and tasty. Very simple to make.  Thank you, Mary.

boiling the potatoes

cooking the onion and added water to make her 'sauce'

I found British corned beef in Waitrose.

served on top of the mashed potato and accompanied by out of date boodles

Now I give you in return Mr Him's corned beef hash recipe. Over to Mr Him (yes, he typed up the below for you with his very own fingers.)


1 x tin of corned beef (I tend to use Fray Bentos, but whatever "floats your boat") 
4 x large potatoes.
1 x large sweet onion.
1 x tin of baked beans (I tend to use Heinz, but your choice).
3 x generous dashes of Worcester Sauce (Lee & Perrins is the one that I go for).
150 grams of grated cheese.
A large knob of butter.
A little olive oil.
Approximately 100 ml of milk.
Salt and pepper.


Preheat the oven to 190C/375F.

Dice the onion and gently fry until soft.

Mash the corned beef, the baked beans, the onion and Worcester sauce together in an appropriately sized oven dish. You'll want it to be deep enough to accommodate all of the corned beef mix and an inch or so of mashed potato later.

Put the corned beef mix into the oven for 30 minutes.

Whilst the mix is in the oven, prepare the mashed potatoes. So, wash and peel the potatoes, then cut into moderate-sized chunks. Boil for approximately 20 minutes, or until soft.

Drain the potatoes, and the milk and butter, then attack them with your trusted spud masher!

Remove the corned beef mix from the oven, and spread the mashed potato evenly over the top. At this point, you may wish to fork a pattern onto the top of the mash. Sprinkle the cheese onto the top of the mashed potato, and return to the oven for a further 10 minutes.

Once cooked, you may wish to put this meal under a hot grill for about a minute in order to brown the cheese. Your choice!

This should provide enough for a generous helping for 4 people. Serve with your choice of vegetables or salad. Enjoy!

One word of warning though; You may wish to wait 5 minutes or so before eating once served, because I've burned the inside of my mouth on more than one occasion due to my enthusiasm...!!

There dear reader, you have two entirely different Corned beef Hash recipes.  Thank you, Mr Him

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

For Heather - the Boots

Dear reader  and in particular Heather

A quick post just to point out where to get the tan boots that you see me wearing quite a bit.  They are a last winter purchase but appear to be available in the sales still. 

tan boots

Here is an earlier post I wrote about them. 

Monday, 16 January 2017

Oh How I Love Thee Grey Cardigan

Dear reader,  there has to be a part 2 to this post.  I honestly hadn't realised just how much I'd wear this cardigan.  It may not last 10 years!  Looking through this week's instagram I see I've worn this 3 days at least. 

In my world clothing items don't mix between office and home.  I have my business set and my casual set and never do they meet. ...until the cardigan.  My one workhorse.  When I met the cardigan in Primark I had no idea how friendly we'd be.  It wasn't love at first sight.  It was more 'you look solid and reliable. '  Turns out it really is my fallback escort for many occasions. 

Work, last week alone

Leisure this week 

Prior outings for my faithful escort

I am now giving my escort a spa week (laundry) and will make a big effort to give it a much needed rest.  Did you buy this cardigan when I posted on it?  If not I urge you to consider the versatility of a long grey cardigan or wrap to see if it could be your faithful constant companion.  What's turned out to be your workhorse so far this season?  

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Footwear for my Burgundy Jeans

I mentioned that I wanted to tell you about the burgundy jeggings and slippers which is not a look you'll see a high profile  fashionsta wearing on their blog.  However,  I like to keep my blog real.  You don't think my pics are poor quality and poses awkward and lops sided and my feet in slippers because I'm amateur do you?  No, quite the contrary.  It takes a lot of professionalism and the latest high tech equipment to pixilate in low definition. My set is carefully prepared to achieve the look of a shabby working home in the background.  My feet ensconced in cozy slippers to make you feel comfortable.  Yeah, right.

Now, the jeggings and the feet.  In reality I wore these jeggings with boots but a bit of experimentation took place in the kitchen first, boring amusing the family once again. 
The prompt for 'the Americans ' that day was black booties with these burgandy trousers but i wanted to try other looks on the feet to see what else would work. Slippers yes.  Essential footwear for this look in the winter home. 

Tan boots didn't work for me.  I think this is dependent on shade of tan and shade of burgundy.  To my mind my shades clash, with the tan too orange for these too cherry burgundy jeans.  I also think there are too many colours in this arrangement.  I feel that the 3 colours in the following pics are more put together.  

Burgundy ankle boots are a win though. Note,  very hard to achieve slanted pose.

Black booties  (ankle boots) another win.

I didn't try my long black boots but they would have worked too.
Have you been wearing burgundy trousers/jeans? What colour combinations have you tried for footwear with them?   Do you think 4 colours in an outfit too many?  I have noticed that other times when wearing 4 colours it looks fine.