Saturday, 22 April 2017

Being Jane

Dear Fashionista,  just as I was running out of clothing ideas for the week up popped Jane from My Midlife Fashion.  Jane was showing a striped blue shirt,  navy trousers,  military jacket and pearls,  oh,  and red shoes. 

So doable for me.  So office,  especially as I needed a jacket on Thursday as I was interviewing.

My shirt is a few years old,  Zara basics.  My jacket is Monsoon.  Skirt,  I needn't discuss due to its appearance here.  Shoes are just my walking to work sketchers.  Please ignore. They are not a style phenomena.

I added navy tights to compensate for not wearing navy trousers to replicate the look as much as possible. 

My pearls have been knotted a little lower than Jane's recently so I adjusted them slightly to fall next to my first done up button as she has done.

In the office I happen to have red shoes. How jammy is that! 

The only time I wore the jacket in the office was actually, well, not at all as the interviews were cancelled.   Still, my red shoes went well with the look sans jacket.

What did I think of my adaption?  I'd prefer it as Jane had worn,  with trousers or jeans. I can feel a casual Friday coming along. A military jacket and skirt looked at bit,  well, military.  I look  like I'm an officer in the navy. (I could put up with that if I had a gentleman/Richard Gere). Still it was an idea for the day.  I will be combining the shirt and pearls again for work.   I adored those together.  I will do this look with jeans too. I won't combine the jacket and skirt again. 

Here's Jane's version.Jane's version  So much better you must agree.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Dressing for a Casual Spring Weekend with Friends

Dear fashionista, I know I horrified you last time so thank you for returning after the episode of the 'boots.'  To put things a little right for you I am going to show you 3 outfits that I wore last weekend when we had a friend visit, and no footwear.

On Good Friday I dressed casually during the day for a stroll in the village.  This is an old Oliver Bonas  jumper. It has one of those gappy openings in a V at the back so I wore a dark grey long sleeved T under.  I added a long gold pendant to break up the monotonous frontage.  My footwear was my sketchers pumps that I mentioned last weekend. 

 In the evening we went to Prezzo, after a de-tour to the Waitrose Winebar and Lockhart Tavern. 

 I decided to wear evening black using my M&S jeggings, pleather moto and a stripy grey, black and white jumper that I bought from Monton last summer. I added a long silver pendant with a black pleather chain.

I feel that this jumper adds an age appropriate splash of flesh for evening as it has some see through stripes.  I wore a white vest T shirt underneath for a bit more modesty.

It's so difficult smiling with braces as we took this selfie.

I'm clearly wondering what I see in him!

On Sunday we went to the Bluebell railway to see the Flying Scotsman and ride other steam trains.  It was fabulous seeing such a famous engine carrying passengers still. 

I wore grey jeans, brown ankle boots, a white T under an H&M basics jumper. I added an H&M scarf.  Although this looks relatively neat by the time I was out and about it all became quite haphazard.  I need to find a way to discreetly pin the scarf to my jumper.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Footwear for Spring, not

Dear fashionsta, I'm going to horrify you now.  I'm going to post the most awful photos.  Photos that will make you turn over your phone face down (and never pick it up again.) Photos that will cause you to leave your laptop and go and clean out your guttering in preference. Photos that will have you phoning your internet provider and asking for immediate discontinuation of service.  But bear me out.  I'm betting not all my readers are fashionstas.  I'm betting some get it wrong, like I,  and don't know why. 

So, in the interests of those readers  (like I) I am showing you how I got it wrong and  put it right.

It started with my blush primani slouch cardigan. How could it go so wrong?  I added a black and white breton.  Again,  it could only be a success story.  I added olive jeans. Spring like.  A winning colour combo.  Win win win.     No!  For I needed to walk to work in comfort shoes and it wasn't hot.  I added ankle boots. No no no. Yes

First I tried beige suede. You must agree that this looks wrong.  Too heavy. 

Then I tried black '(how could you?' I hear you ask) as my top has black in it. 


This does not work. The outfit is too light for heavy boots.   If I wore the tops with denim or black jeans then the boots would work.  The olive jeans would work with the boots if my top was less airy of colour.  Together this oufit of olive and blush required footwear in keeping with the ambiance of the clothing.  Light and airy.

My light sneakers would be an excellent choice but so also would be  these on trend  backless loafers from Primark for  £6.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Khaki Olive Jacket Story

Dear fashionsta,

I had a most lovely day out last Saturday.  The weather was spring like, Mr Him dressed in his best daffodil  yellow linen  shirt and I broke out my favourite only khaki jacket for the first time this year.  Hurrah.  Like The Pouting Pensioner I adore my jacket.  It has a bit of a tale.

A few years ago,  before I met you, dear fashionsta,  when I thought 50 meant  50 and frump had to set in I bought a khaki jacket from New Look.  I almost immediately donated it to my daughters as, well, I had worn one of these day in, day out,  when I was 20. That had to mean I couldn't wear it now.  It hung in my daughters, both of them,  wardrobes unworn. Then I met you. 

You, dear fashionsta,  who instagram and blog and are my age-ish and don't let a number get between yourself and a khaki jacket. 

I raided the wardrobes.  I found the jacket.  I wore the jacket.  I loved the jacket.  It's now about 6 years old and half it's life has been adored by me.

So, last Sunday I dressed in flowers and pink, navy and metallic to accompany the jacket on it's first 2017 outing.

I discovered khaki or Olive with navy last summer, if you recollect.  I am still loving the combination and these flowers added a spring vibe.  The top is 3 years old.  I didn't wear it all last summer.  It's good to get it out and about this year.  The jeans are in Marks and Spencers currently here   .  Shoes, I'll come on to that. 

 I took the jacket on a trip to see Gandalf's staff and have my first Aperol of the season. 

There is more on my day out and the staff here on my Anna blog.

Before I leave you for this episode do you notice how I turned up my jeans and wore metallic SKetchers Go Walks?  I point this out as this is how my male friend turned up, turned up jeans and Go Walks.  Aren't we a matching pair!

Have you discovered these oh so comfortable trainer type shoe.  I bought mine 3 years ago and this time of year are indispensable.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Arrival of the Neck Scarf

I remember the 80's.  I remember working in the 80's. The uniform of the working woman in 'the know' was padded shoulders, stand up collars with a pearl necklace, or poloneck jumpers with  square  scarves wrapped around the shoulder and knotted mid chest  at the front.  Well, in the financial district of London it was.  The blanket scarf was not even a twinkle in a weavers thread count. In fact, most likely the weaver wasn't even born!

At the time I was given a Gucci silk scarf by my company as a Xmas present.  Men received ties. This scarf has barely seen the light of day for 30 years.  Until now.  Now, with the revival of the  1950's style neck scarf it is time to give it an airing, for work no less.

Neck scarves are once again worn by those in 'the know',  instagram know this time.  As they haven't yet hit mainstream  (well in my world anyway) it takes a bit of bravery on my part to be so ahead of the scarfage curve.  With bravery and gumption I donned my Gucci scarf and wore it to work a few weeks ago.  I think it needs wearing slightly shorter.

So another day I flounced around the office with an old Gok satiny scarf around my neck, knotted.

Not that I'm predictable but I seem to be using black as a backdrop to my scarves, or a scarf to add interest to black, I'm not sure which, or both. 

Going a step further I bought this reasonably priced gem from Joules at  £9.95 each in both navy and in cream.  

You can find it here  Myriam scarf  

I wore the cream one with a blush Primark cardigan and white T shirt.  I wasn't brave enough to wear this to the office.  I elected to try it out on the dentist. Well, why not! It was successful according to my daughter who happened to be the nurse in attendance to all my rinsing out  needs.

I tried this two ways and can't really decide which I prefer, the knot at the front or the side.  

How are you getting along with neck scarves?  Have you started your experimentation yet?

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Navy skirt A Corporate Basic

If last week was about burgundy and black with some friends thrown in  (Kelly green and tan ) this week was about one skirt. I didn't plan it that way. I only noticed when I looked at my IG feed.  Ooops. I wonder whether my colleagues noticed this style faux pas.  

If you are an office gal like me then I am probably preaching to the converted, but it appears that a blue skirt is quite the useful basic.  No wonder it was so easy to grab this and wear it 3 days in a row without even I noticing.

It's a versatile neutral going with many blouses within a closet


Classic white and a striped sailor jacket




And with summer coming up navy stripes and pearls

How else would you wear this skirt?  Let's play dress Anna for work.  You comment with an idea and I'll wear it.

Friday, 7 April 2017

A couple of Facial Purchases

Following my desert island posts, which were about repeat purchase ie items that I like enough to buy again, I am quickly showing you a few new items I've tried this winter.

No 7 moisture drench face mask.  

This is  £12 in Boots.  I was given one of those  £5 No 7 vouchers that they do now and then making this a very very reasonable purchase at  £5.  It seems it contains oils in its bid to moisturise.  I do rate this mask and will repeat purchase.  After putting it on I rub it on my hands.  Look how water beads after washing it off.

My second purchase is this Mac lipstick in Brave.  A sort of muted plum or dusky rose colour.  I think it will be a useful addition to my lipstick wardrobe.