Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My Five Dessert Island Products of 2017

Dear Fashionista, no spending is sending me a bit around the bend.  So much so I've tidied my Bench of Facial  Saving (that's dressing table to most people). If you remember I do this now and then  (more then, than now to be honest) and record it for prosperity, and to see the changes in products that I am using.

On Sunday  I had one of these sessions.  I first laid out the contents as they were in January so as I could see the changes.  You can tell I was bored.



Some items have been replaced by new brands, and I had a little reflection on that as I worshipped at the 'Bench.'  I am brand agnostic and just working through a few boxes that I have stockpiled from QVC.  In January I was working through Dr Pericone plasma range, Judith Williams nightcream and Prai eye cream.  Now I am finishing up Timebomb night cream, Alpha H eye cream, and Dr Pericone Face Finishing Moisturiser.

My Alpha H exfoliator, which is glycolic acid, is a permanant resident, so is my Tarte eyeshadow pallet (be quiet those naysayers who say I must replace it every few months) and my Dr Pericone serum foundation. The glycolic acid is a new bottle but the Pericone serum is the very same so has lasted what, 9 months!

In April, my Bench of Facial Saving had moved on with additions of a No 7 face mask, which I wrote of here, Decleor prolagene gel (for which I am still trying to find uses), Gatineau anti-aging face mask and some perfume, so I added those items back now.  


That left a pile of concoctions that I have bought since April.  Eleven items. 

I have added a lotion cleanser, toner and eye make-up remover.  Why use one bottle (foaming washoff cleanser), when 3 will do?!  I'm being ironic, of course.  I think I will stick to a liquid foaming wash in future.  There is a Trish McEvoy moisturising primer, which I will write on at another time, my Laroc and Hourglass, which I mentioned last week here, Tarte BB cream, 3 new lipsticks (Clarins Guava,  Clarins  Watermelon and Georgio Amani  403)  and Phil Smith dry shampoo Big it Up
 (everyone should have some on their Bench of Facial Saving, shouldn't they!)  The lipsticks are more spring summer colours. I'm tending to use my Mac Brave and NYX 15 during the Autumn as they seem to compliment my lovely new Hourglass blush.

With these new additions my lipstick container is now a river overflowing.  It was time to find another container.  

What better than this biscuit tin depicting a glamourous 1920's socialite.  Beautiful art deco, isn't it?   

plenty of room for new lipsticks now
My previous lipstick container ( a Seasalt sock box)  is now re-purposed as a drawer for make up remover pads.

Now, for prosperity, I give you my Bench of Facial Saving in October.

 In doing this excercise I can see that there are only 5  items that I have consistently used all year.  My Imedeen tablets, the Alpha H glycolic exfoliator, Tarte eyeshadow pallet and the Dr Pericone foundation serum, and I will continue to do so.  There is also my Tarte CC cream ( I have replaced the one in the January photo  with a repeat purchase which is in my makeup bag) . I believe I have found my 5 dessert island products of 2017, excluding recent purchases and lipsticks. 

What would be your 5 products of 2017?  

Saturday, 14 October 2017

The H&M Jacket that Made a Statement, along with Certain New Makeup

Dear Fashionista 

Having browsed my purchases of last October it's time I confessed to some September purchases but October arrivals  (which complies nicely with no spend October.) 

Have you heard of Laroc? I hadn't but did discover that the eyeshadow pallets are quite the 'thing.' I ordered the Unzipped pallet from Amazon as it seems to be the most the 'thing.'  I'm very pleased with the colours, which are an Autumnal warm rosy hue of brown, golden and cream neutrals. Six are frosted, which I'm using selectively for fear of highlighting fine lines.  For a few years I've kept to matte but I did decide recently that something was missing from my eye makeup. It was flat and lifeless.  After some contemplation I decided it was frost that was missing.  So, for the moment,  I  will wear  what I like on my lids. Let the frost commence and my eyes have depth and interest  once more. 

Product Details

To my mind though, the failing of this pallet is the lack of a matte base colour, so I'm using my existing Tartelette pallet alongside the Laroc.  A benefit of Laroc is that the colours can be used wet as well as dry.

I also ordered an Hourglass blush in the ambient lighting range,  Mood Exposure. This appears a cool plum in the compact but seems to look warm on. Once again I am pleased with this colour for Autumn, and winter too probably.  

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - Mood Exposure

I like the colour on me and the longevity.  This picture shows me at 5pm after having put this blush on at 7am.

What else? I'm trying Primark makeup remover pads. These are knitted together at the edge so don't fall apart. 

I bought a cream or winter white jacket from H&M in the summer.  It's a thick texture so was too hot to wear. This week I broke it out of wardrobe captivity as the temperatures have dropped, but not enough that I need a stifling other layer on top.  A temperature of 16-18c is this jacket's goldilocks zone. 

The day I wore this to the office along with my Laroc and Hourglass, I was told 3 times that I looked 'glamorous ', 'good, nice', 'lovely.'  I was taken aback as I hadn't gone to any special effort.  

Ladies, to replicate this 'glamour' you will need the following ingredients 

Mac lipstick in Brave 
Hourglass Ambiant lighting Mood Exposure Blush
Laroc Unzipped pallet
Mascara and foundation to taste 
Jacket  in cream    Jacket H&M 
Navy skirt and blouse or dress from your wardrobe
Tights to taste 
Booties or ankle boots to taste 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Revisiting Last October's Buys and Wears

Dear Fashionista

I thought I might have a peek at what I was up to last October to see how my purchases then  and the products I was using are now looking. Were they good buys or trailblazers or last past the post?  

Working backwards, its easier somehow, I talked of neck creams, here . I am still using my Gatineau Firming Throat Gel  that I had ordered last October, and I am still very pleased with it.  The 2 tubes of 50ml each for £40  have lasted me a year (I hadn't realised until doing this review.)  I think that I have used this product so long now that I am not sure what others are like.  The Gatineau gel that I was using is now available for £48 for one tube of 50 ml! Here .  This is a trailblazer, due to the price at the time and longevity. 

It's time I tried something new I think, just for a change really. So research done and here are some updated links on neck creams. 




Interestingly, a year on, No 7 now do a neck cream!  

Moving on, I discovered grey and navy as a colour combination, and then it appears, immediately forgot it as I have found only one occaision since where I have worn the two together, in this pic.  Goodness, my hair was short!  

I bought my beloved leopard trainers and have worn them so much.  This was definitely a worthwhile purchase. A trail blazer. 

This autumn I have bought the black star trainers from M&S mentioned last month.  I do hope I get the same amount of wear out of them. I wore my new ones for half an hour today and they do rub as they are new.  I mentioned no blister socks a year ago that I bought from Boots.  I will need to find them and wear them with these new trainers.  I think they helped.  Gosh, I had forgotten I had them. How useful is reviewing past blogs!

I bought a grey poloneck jumper from Tu at Sainsburys.  Well I didn't wear it once.  I still have it and will wear it. Last winter just wasn't cold.  Mind you, here I am in October, in a T shirt and jeans as I type this.  Again unseasonal for the UK. Last post the post, purely due to the fact I haven't had the weather and the occaision.  

On the other hand I bought a grey slouch Primark cardigan.  Oh boy, dont we and instagram know how much I wore this!  It was a fabulous purchase and you will be seeing it again this winter.  At one point last winter I even had to send it on a spa break! Let me remind you of my love affair here .   Primark have similar in stock now if you want to join me on this love-in.  A clear trailblazer.

I bought a lipstick from Boots NO 7 range called Deep Rust last October, and have worn it many a time since.  It is still going strong.  This was a well worthwhile purchase.  A good buy. 

I also bought the Tropic body scrub. It is still delicious. I still want to eat it.  But have I used it? No! Not as much as I should.  I have an occaisional go and so the jar is still going strong.  Last past the post just because I am lazy. 

Fashionista, what is your favourite and effective neck cream?   What was your most worthwhile purchase from last fall?

Now, whilst you answer that I will leave you as I go to dig out my grey Primani cardigan for a new love-in. 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

No Spend October Coach to 5K

Dear Fashionista

I have become someone I don't know for October, and its only the first week.  Why? I am doing no spend October, apart for essentials, and I am doing coach to 5k.  I didn't think I'd type those phrases let alone participate!  Still, its early days.  October has barely become a toddler.  At teenage phase, around this coming week, I may well have tantrums.

No spend October 

So far I have   had to buy a new landline telephone and pay for a pre-booked leg wax.  I call both essential items.  In addition I have had to buy groceries and oh, look what else housekeeping, not me, bought.  That doesn't count does it?  Not if I persauded housekeeping to buy it (wink!)  The problem is if i waited until November this little beauty would no doubt not be in stock.  I've popped the link under the last pic. (PS I think this is my first tantrum.)

I also hid this amongst the cabbage in my trolley in Sainsburys.  Just £7, including the pot.  I had been looking for a leafy green plant for our lounge, job done.  Now, take a look at the camo effect on those leaves.  Do not say my foliage is not current!

Coach to 5k

I am on my first week.  I am using the NHS version as it has downloadable audio for free. This first week consists of 3 sessions each of 8 one minute jogs intercepted with walks.  The audio tells you when to run and when to walk and has a bit of music to run/walk along to.  I have run in the past and have also suffered runners knee.  This has kept me off exercise before for 9 months.  I am hoping that by taking this slow and following advice on runners knee that I will not see a re-occurance.  I am working on strengthening my thighs and not running on a day that my knees are sore.  

My aim is not to get to run a marathon but merely be fit enough to take part in Park Runs.  Do you know ParkRun?  Here is the UK link parkrun .   And more about Park run globally here  as its currently in 15 countries .  There may be one near you!  My town does have one.  From what I understand once you gain your membership you can join any in the world. They are 9 am every Saturday and 5k. 

How is October going for you dear Fashionista?  Do you run?  Have you experience of runners knee (help me)? Are you doing No spend October and if so have you had a tantrum yet?

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Delegated some from Frozen Sweet Potato Advert

Dear Fashionista,

Have you ever thought of copying an advert, just for fun.  There's one  that makes me feel warm and fluffy as I get off the train from my hard days commute, here in the UK.  This advert does what it says on the tin. It says welcoming, homely, comforting. There are Autumnal hues in burgundy and camel and a steaming pie fresh from the oven to make one yearn for the nights to draw in and the temperatures to drop. 

The concept is that the pie is made from frozen ingredients promoting quick but home cooked mid-week meals, cooked by mum, Vicki. It's a chicken and frozen vegetable  filling with mashed sweet potato on top.

On Sunday I replicated this advert, my way. Honestly I had to get it out of my system.  However I wanted to add my own interpretation. 

I had frozen wild minced venison in the freezer so there is the first deviation from the original.  My second personal interpretation was to cook this pie by the delegation method, telling Mr Him how to make it, thereby eliminating the gender bias.  

I cooked this, albeit by delegation, on a Sunday rather than mid-week.

I, by delegation, used fresh vegetables, and used  traditional cottage pie ingredients of onion, herbs, gravy from the venison, and not garlic. 

Here is my home cooked by mum via the delegation method, venison sweet potato cottage pie, advert, complete with unHD quality.

I added my Wannabe Gucci furry loafers and a cat to add some Autumnal chic and furriness

My cardigan is last year from Fatface

The T shirt is H&M Basics in store currently

Cat from local rescue AW12

Slipper shoes mentioned here  

Sunday, 1 October 2017

September, the Month of Olive, and Grey

Dear reader 

Following my September work wear post let's seguey  (and as a side note I really really want to go on one of those) into my casual wear. 

It can be summed up into two words, mostly.  Olive trousers. Why? Well it's the time of year in the UK when I find my olive or khaki trousers and jeans the right weight and colour for transition for wearing in the early autumn. 

September also saw the weather get warmer during the month ending up at 18c or 65F.  I could be excused for thinking the planet had flipped and the UK is now sitting in that spaced normally occupied by Australia. 

Early in September I was in knitwear and scarfage with my green jeans, and ankle boots. Side note, baring bare ankle with boots doesn't work for me.  It is not a look one sees much in the UK.  We tend to move to ankle boots to keep warm and dry.  This pair of jeans don't go well with boots.  Note to self. 

The footwear belongs to both daughters
The vacuum cleaner and ankle wellies belong to me when I am in frump mode

Then we transitioned     moved back to sockless and my trustee Sketchers 

the bag belongs to one daughter

Then moved into my Fatface cargos and a T shirt (as temperatures rose).

Including getting caught up in the rain and finding a use for a care home cataloging I'd just been given....for me!

To make a point I immediately set off to shelter in a pub and have a pint. I'm not for the care home yet!  

the braces are coming out before Christmas, thank goodness! Hashtag, twisted smile, or is it a grimace!

As the month continued to get warmer I layered a thin cardigan over a short sleeved burgundy T-shirt to accompany my olive jeans.

Finally, you know how much I love grey, right! Actually I haven't mentioned it for a while so let's remind you, I love grey, except on hair and teeth.  There is a lot of grey in my wardrobe.  It is such a useful colour for Spring and Autumn.

Recently I added to my grey T shirt collection with this Top Shop T.  It was the pop of colour from the appliqué that did it.

I like grey at this time of year too and it does go well with the olive or khaki of my various trousers. This was how the month ended, warm.  The abandonment of scarfage, jumpers, cardigans and boots. 

spot Photoboming hubster

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

September, Business Outfits and Outings

Dear Fashionista 

Is it time for a round up of what I've worn to work in September?  This is always an erratic collection as the weather sways through Autumn in the UK It steps to cool, twirls a bit with cold then sashays to warm with a dalliance hot.  Erraticness aside I hope you find some inspiration.  

Through this weather salsa I partnered skirts, cardigans, jackets, long sleeves and short sleeves and the odd going out outfit.  

I flirted with pleats and short sleeves on a couple of warm office days

and cardigans swung from light to dark, with and without a swirl of scarfage.

Jackets also pendulum-ed between light and dark.

 Vibrant red made an Autumnal appearance.

Skirts didn't know whether to be light or dark anymore than the weather knew whether to be warm or cold or the heating on or off. 

Mostly September will be known for its outings though.

Lunch at Plaisterers Hall for which I smartened up with a dark jacket, tie neck blouse and skirt and

where I adored the Wedgewoodesque ceiling.

An evening reception at the Royal College of General Practitioners afforded an opportunity for another  jacket to be wheeled out accompanied by a silk neckscarf and black blouse.

Here  I was quite taken with the Art Deco that had been preserved, 

and I ate icecream 

and sat outside on a rooftop eating a late summer's bbq.

Then there was an evening 'cruising' the Thames on a most elegant boat

where I ate small bowls of food enabling plenty of sampling of flavours 

and I met a most elegant man (Ben Fogle),  for which I wore a blouse depicting chains.

This particular elegant man had just been made  UN Patron of the Wilderness the day before I met him. Who would have thought I'd be the first Wild thing he'd have to tackle!

For the brave I have an amateur, very amateur, video of the excursions here 

September, that's a wrap