Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Smart Casual Office Wear in a Heatwave

In the UK we are unusually melting for June.  It gives me an opportunity to bare legs and be a bit 'caj' in the office.  It's actually super lovely to just don a dress,  add a necklace and slip on some birkies.  And,  yes,  keep the birkies  on in the office, the rebel am I!  What's not lovely  is liquifying on the trains as the air con gives up at the same time as the carriage is packed due to delays  (warping rails.)

Monday saw me doing just the above.  I pulled out a dress last seen in the Spanish Plume.  I slipped on birkies as I headed out of the door.  Every intention  (really) to change into my under desk wedge sandals.  However I didn't.  I fancied a small rebellion that day.  The heat had clearly got to me.  I kept my red birkenstocks on and flip flapped my feet through the office.  The normal Monday question of 'How are you? ' was answered with 'small.'  This is due to being 5 foot and a smidge I normally will only be seen in my office in heels.  That day I didn't care.  And it was freeing.

Onto my dress.

This dress gets so many compliments on IG and in real life but it's not one of my favourites.  Funny how others like what you would happily discard.   It's an easy dress, no iron, machine washable and as I said compliment attracting.

The beige and white stripes are an easy elegance for an office environment.  It's quite a few years old now. It has a slimming pull you in lining. Always handy.

I added a gold necklace, also old, actually about 18 years. It was from a Pierre Lang jewellery party. Who remembers those?

My birkenstocks added a splash of colour being a coral red.  I rather liked the red with beige, white and gold. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

What to Wear for A Cool Summers Day in Norway

Dear Fashionista

I am going to embarrass myself once again by not posting superbly orchestrated photos. Instead I will be posting what I do best, a complete shambles of reality, except this time even more reality due to small mirrors and small rooms.  

The story goes as follows:

I once again found myself packing my ebags for a work trip. 

This time to Norway.  I decided that as I was at work on Monday and had to fly Sunday then I would add sightseeing to the agenda and fly Sunday morning. 

The weather was not the steamy, real steamy Sunday that we have today in the UK, as I write to you, and I melt over the keyboard.   It was to be a mild 15c plus showers that Sunday in Oslo.  I decided on a Boden pink breton, M&S pink cardigan for the warm layer, and my bright salmon rain mac with hood.  I had bought myself a cabin suitcase to avoid luggage check in.  Like a good middle aged woman I packed my liquids in said suitcase. Numpty moi, I  totally forgot at security. I was so used to checking my suitcase. Duh.  So there is a lesson for you. 

It turned out that this was the perfect outfit for the day and its adventures.  I met  two colleagues at the airport as they had decided to accompany me and tour the city too.  

in front of the Palace in Oslo and I am not posing but was caught pre capture fluffing my hair.  Turns out it was a good shot.

You can see the full Oslo blog here on my Anna blog  but lets get back to clothes and all things packing on this post.

I found myself in one of those smart rooms. If you had followed my Instastories you'd know my reaction.  It was one of, shall we say, surprise.  You kind of know what to expect when you open the hotel room door, normally.  The layout is pretty well standard fare isn't it! Well, not in this case.  There was not room to swing a to take an artistic fashionista photograph let alone hang my clothes up.  I was very grateful for those ebags as in that cramped space without a wardrobe.  They enabled me to get dressed easily from my case in my pre-sorted and packaged outfits.  

my single bed

just to reinforce that it was a single bed.  How often is there a single bed in a hotel room!

my room,  see the hanging space instead of wardrobe.

In the evening we went to a Italian for a pizza.  I wore a grey snakeprint top (last seen here) and pleather, (calm down ladies, jeggings would not be colleague appropriate, even on a Sunday)  jacket.  I added non-pleather black jeggings and leopard print trainers both of which in fact I had been wearing all day.  Capsule at its best!  I thought that the trainers being leopard meant I could get away with them as casual evening wear rather than packing more footwear.   In fact barring footwear this is a repeat of the outfit linked isn't it.  Good, that supports my philosophy and shows you that I do regurgitate my outfits and that is very OK.  You will notice that that post talks of my bag packing prior to the discovery of ebags.  No wonder I find them so useful.

Monday morning dawned bright and sunny. No rain.  Out came the navy dress that I wore in Manchester along with the nautical jacket.  It was a safe choice.  This conference was less smart than the last one but not as casual as in February.  For that reason I decided to downplay the jewellery and swap the long faux pearls for a simple gold coloured chain.

very serious and small me due to lack of length in perspective (that's my excuse)

Do click on my Anna blog as there is many a more pic of Oslo and a link to my YouTube of the trip.  Not too exciting but exciting for amateur me!

There you have a blog of outfits you have seen before.  I regurgitate and I'm proud! haha.  Actually the Sunday day outfit has not been worn before, but will again.  I will also combine the snake with the  blush cardigan as when I unpacked I happened to throw the two together on a hanger and then thought, yes!  In fact those two together would be a version of the leopard and pink from a few weeks ago.  

But before you go and look at my Anna blog I just want to show you a Norwegian office visitors lunch, open sandwiches.  I am soooo replicating this. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Little Details for Office Sass

Last week I thought about how I could change up my work outfits to add a bit of interest.  These are the little things that are cheap but can be effective. 

Using a patterned shirt with a  plain skirt.

Adding a belt  (so easy to add a slightly edgy vibe to office attire )

Nail varnish (Nails Inc Bruton Street in this case ) to add a bit of sass.

Statement necklace  (I'm occaisionally complimented on my necklaces,  so yes they do get noticed at work), and arm candy

The bag fails me as I have to carry so much but if I didn't I'd certainly be using  bags to change up the details.

Shoes.  I keep a variety under my desk and put them on when I get to the office. No pic as it's a scruffy heap. 

A bit of matchey-matchey to your mug, doesn't hurt (joking, purely coincidental but colleagues insisted a pic had to be taken)

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

June This and That with some Outfits

Dear Fashionista,

This is a bit of mashup post.  I have been busy on the go since last Friday so thought I'd do a quick 'what I've been wearing' and 'what I've been doing post.'

On Friday Mr Him and I went out to dinner with friends.  We went to our favourite Sunday bar, you know the one of sunglasses on heads and sequin jumpers.  We hadn't eaten there before.  It was a little pricey but darn good quality and quantity.  I had to bring half of my meal home in a doggy bag.

My Jerk chicken

I wore my new Sainsbury's Tu boho cold shoulder blouse that I mentioned here and my pleather jeggings from Next (this time looking more age appropriate.)  I added a denim jacket and strappy healed sandals,  

Love the detail in the blouse

The next day we visited the South of England show.  I wore  a blush M&S top and denim shorts.

The day called for sunglasses.  I like the detail in the top. I bought it in M&S 3 weeks ago in the Per Una section.  The shorts are years old from Primark.  Sandals Birkenstocks, which i find so comfortable in the summer.  These are 4 years old. I do deliberately show you what I am really wearing rather and include old items to demonstrate investment purchasing, which is my philosophy with this blog and my life. 

Blouse can be found here  Per Una blouse  

Talking of good old M&S I have just bought these gorgeous flat and comfortable yellow sandals here .

Also on the purchasing front I have been persuaded to try some summer long Johns, haha.  In reality these have been recommended by some American ladies who swear by them for avoiding thighs rubbing under skirts and dresses in the summer and they are made of cooling material of some sort.   I found mine on Amazon. I have not tried them yet.  They may be ideal for holiday. They are made by Jockey. 

I sampled some lovely gin recently. Silent Pool gin is available in Waitrose. It's made of 24 botanicals and they tried 30 recipes before settling on this mix.   I found my sample taster quite delicious served on its own and with Fever Tree tonic. The bottle is fabulous and has a glass stopper.  I have seen thjs bottle in pubs with candles in. I will be adding this to my shopping trolley next time I am in Waitrose. 

Saturday, 10 June 2017


Oh my flipping goodness,  I love flame! That feverish orangey red of the season.  It seems it's the colour that has caught the eye of mainstream too.  I'm seeing flashes of this colour on bodies around town from skirts to coats, blouses to jackets.

Beautiful skirt and pose, don't  you think

Love this combination

Then there's TV

Personally I don't think it's Madam Secretary's best colour

I bought myself a pair of cropped skinnies in this colour from Sainsbury's one Saturday.  £16. Bargain. I think the link below is to them.  Lucky you, they are now reduced too. 

 Having tried these I do rate Sainsbury for jeggings and know Laurie from Vanity and Me does too. Have you tried their jeggings?  So too easy to pop in with the tomatoes.

These jeans perhaps in some ways weren't a sensible choice colour wise but I so love them.  Coloured pants are not so versatile to pair.  I wore them with a grey T shirt and neutral shoes recently.  This was a colour mix  that worked.  There is going to be the obvious white and black but also in the running is the stripey light blue shirt of the season.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Military and Stripes

Dear Fashionista

Military jackets are a favourite of yours. Mine too.  I've had a thing for this type of jacket wear since my teens.  I think it's the structure of a military jacket that does it. The discipline of the lines and the close moulding of the shoulders.  I know this shape suits my body type. I have just one and I got it 18 months or so ago from Monsoon. It completes me.  I don't need another.  It's  finished nicely with brass emblem buttons and a striped lining. 

My jacket escorted me to the pub last week. I chose to wear it with a blue and ecru Boden breton. Stripes on stripes.  How advanced in my fashionsta practical sessions is that!  Do I get a merit? 

I also wore skinny jeans and broke out some wedge sandals. 

Unfortunately I had a mishap.  During a visit to the restroom/ladies  I lost a brass button down the toilet.  No pictures.  I was absolutely not going to go fishing for it either!

Instead I found my bag of buttons.  Do I get a certificate for even having a bag of buttons?   

Yes my jacket spares are in there.  Monsoon had kindly provided two, bless them. 

Jacket and I are now complete again.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Pink a la Nadine

On Thursday last week I had a bit of a rush to the head.  You see I'm a bit of a fan of Madam Secretary, for Elizabeth 's outfits as well as the storyline, and similarity to my life (yeah, right ) haha.  Elizabeth dresses for the office but in a slightly quirky manner,  which is the appeal to me.  I haven't yet managed to replicate her outfits.  Elizabeth 's female sidekick, Nadine, is not one to wear outfits that send my heart racing and my thumbs rummaging through my closet.  To me her character dresses a little bit more prim, or preppy, which is not me. 

So last week, as we were catching up on the series, I was stunned to find myself taken with a Nadine outfit.  In the episode we were watching  she wore a raspberry blouse and black skirt.  Perfect. (I so want a pink,  deep pink,  blouse, now, this minute.)

In the meantime, whilst I awaited a deep pink blouse to materialise out of thin air into my life,  I picked out my Boden pink cardigan  and my Sainsbury's officewear  black.
I was pleased with the look for the office.  Formal black with a nod to summer brights. 
You may see me in the Oval Office yet! 

As I walked to the station wearing this outfit   I was struck by my shadow  (not literally,  that would just be plain scary). No, I was struck by the fact that I looked like a Playmobile character on stilts.  Nothing miniature about this stretchy  individual following me around though. Still,  she was gone  by nightfall.